Pricing & Service

Concessions On Demand is easy to integrate into your current entertainment and sales environment. We offer a full-spectrum of support and services to cater to your individual theater needs to make certain you are making the most of its’ possibility. Hardware, software, support and installation are all covered in one, competitive, pricing package. 

Cost is approximately $9 per seat, per month. That means that even if Concessions on Demand is only as successful as selling a combo, it has made the investment worthwhile. Of course, given the potential of this system, the benefits to both your patrons and your bottom line, Concessions on Demand is likely to re-write the book on the concession experience at participating theaters.


Pricing    Details:

► 36-month plan period
► Easy quarterly payments
► Approximately $9/seat per month
► 16-week lead time to installation

Service & Support:

► Hardware installation
► Software customization
► Same-day software tech support
► Hardware exchange for defects, damage, and destruction